Judge blasts serial ADA lawsuit filer

Mike Eiman - Staff Reporter

The Sentinel

Nov 17, 2016

Comfort Inn settles case involving spa accessibility.

The Comfort Inn in Hanford.

HANFORD — A local hotel has settled a lawsuit filed by an Arizona woman who alleged its spa was not handicapped accessible, despite the fact that the woman never visited the hotel.

Theresa Brooke, a resident of Pinal County, Arizona, filed the lawsuit with the U.S. Eastern District Court of California on Oct. 10. Brooke allegedly called the Comfort Inn Hanford to book a room for “personal and business affairs in the Central Valley.” She reportedly filed the lawsuit after learning the hotel’s spa does not have a handicapped lift.

According to court filings, Hanford Investors Inc., which owns the Comfort Inn Hanford, settled the lawsuit on Nov. 2. Comfort Inn Hanford owner Thebaji Odedra declined to comment on the details of the settlement.

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